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Colin and Reed have made the conscious choice to not monetize CommissionED: The Air Force Officer Podcast in order to avoid any conflict of interest. They like being officers and want to keep their commissions. Even so, producing high quality content for a weekly podcast is not cheap. If you would like to support the show, please consider purchasing one of the products below.

Accelerate your career.

If you're an Air Force officer or interested in becoming one, you need to take ownership of your development. You need to not only learn and understand what it means to be an officer, but apply those principles in your professional responsibilities and personal life. These digital courses can help you make that happen.

Air Force Officership

The Air Force has identified certain characteristics that it values in its officers; namely, executing the mission, leading Airmen, managing resources, and improving the unit. In this course we take a deep dive into each of these areas and discuss the tactics, tools, and techniques designed to increase the effectiveness of any Air Force officer or those working to become one.


Transition Prep

The time will eventually come for every Air Force officer to transition out of the service. It's best to be prepared for it. Whether close to separation, retirement, or not yet serving, whether considering further education, employment, or starting a business, this course will provide options and peace of mind to any transition-minded Air Force officer.

Coming Soon.


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